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CONCERT FOR ONE con Sofia Taliani

SOFIA TALIANI con Músico Invitado Fernando el Percu

Una forma nueva de concierto. Una forma diferente. Una artista, una persona en el patio de butacas. Un concierto directo. Micro conciertos en la casi oscuridad par una persona de entre 7 y 10 minutos por concierto.

Conciertos: 13:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs - 13:10 hrs - 13:20 hrs - 13:30 hrs - 13:40 hrs - 13:50 hrs. 

CasaLa Teatro – Mercado de Triana · Plaza del Altozano s/n · Puesto 11 y 12 · 41010 · Sevilla


Chi va piano, va lontano 


Singer and pianist Sofia Taliani’s highly original performance concepts have grown into a recognisable career that continues to lead her to a variety of international music festivals and arts presenters. Ranging from the renowned Salzburg Festival and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection to innovative spaces like Impulstanz Vienna or Londons Pizza on the Park at Hyde Park Corner her keen sense of artistic authenticity touches her audiences from Berlin to Madrid to Amman.

She performs programs spanning from Domenico Modugno, George Gershwin and Cole Porter to Johannes Brahms and Franz Schubert, Wienerlieder, and compositions of her own, accompanying herself.

Invited by the Biennale Musica in Venice she created her own format Concert For One, a highly successful program series of short miniature concerts by one person for one person which has also been hosted by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Vienna Volkstheater, the Teatro Central of Seville and at the Porgy and Bess Jazz Club, to name just a few. These highly unique and personal a capella concerts last about 5-7 minutes with a maximum of 8 concerts per day. 

​Sofia Taliani created the musical charity United Street Pianos. The charity is primarily committed to place street pianos in public spaces in Italy and abroad in the profound belief in the important function of music in society. Sofia first encountered this idea in London, founded the charity in 2014 and donated and inaugurated Italy’s first public street piano “Lucy” in Venice. Lucy became the model for today’s street pianos in Milan, Vienna, Torino, Florence, Rome and Naples, among others. United Street Pianos also donates pianos to hospitals, asylums, prisons and refugee centres. Sofia Taliani regularly performs on such pianos.

Inspired by the successes of Concert for One and United Street Pianos in 2018 Sofia Taliani initiated her movement Slow Music. Slow Music is the credo that live music should invite everyone to express free thought and personal spirit.

Classically trained in London and Vienna, Sofia Taliani was born in Rome and studied voice with KS Hilde Zadek and Olga Warla, piano with Phyllis Selleck and Harald Ossberger, among others. She takes great personal and artistic interest in the world of Flamenco which is why she chooses to live between Sevilla and Vienna.

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Opinió verificadaVa assistir el 7/02/2019
un manjar de los sentidos
una experiencia única y nueva, diferente a todo lo que había visto de teatro.
Carolin Strohe


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CasaLa Teatro

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